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This is the most effective product you can buy. We remove blemishes the way dermatologists do..with freeze Therapy.
A FDA approved procedure.

Its not about price.
People jump from site to site looking for the best price because they think all products are the same. They are not. Doctors say creams don't work! See this page. Check out our customers pictures here. Then compare that to any one of our competitors. No pictures? What does that tell you?
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Over 7000 kits sold and
only .01% problems

We have developed a new product that is 8% more effective than our competition. We have a fool proof procedure that guarantees results. We use a FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved procedure dermatologists use.
This is the only product you can buy that will completely remove Freckles, flat and raised Moles, Skin Tags, Age Spots, Liver Spots, Cherry Angioma, Dark Spots, Sun Spots, Warts, Melasma, Some Birth Marks, Hyperpigmentation. Once removed you can not even tell the blemish was ever there.
Don't confuse us with any other product. We are Free of Blemishes and have over four years of delivery and customer satisfaction.

Over 7000 kits sold and
We are the #1 product

Our best sale yet!
All kits reduced $20

Brenda removes her freckles. Other blemishes are  removed this way.
                                                        Tag Away 

"You apply a small amount of Tag Away to a Q-Tip and swab the affected area for 3 to 8  weeks"  Skin tags can be painful especially when they rub against clothing. You don't want to wait 3-6 week for removal. Our product removes skin tags with one painless application. We now offer a special skin tag formula for $69.95.

See what WebMD and Doctors say about blemish removal. "Over-the-counter mole removal cream is widely available, but it's unlikely to be effective."

A quote from the prestigious WebMD
"But beware. People often spend a lot of money on mole creams that don't work, Winfield says."

Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D
"I'm afraid there's no natural way to eliminate them (freckles, age spots) Over-the-counter whitening or "fading creams" don't work."
Dr. Eric F. Bernstein
Age Spots, Liver Spots, Sun Spots "bleaching creams like hydroquinone, kojic acid and bleaching creams don't work"

Bleaching - There are several over-the-counter and prescription skin bleaching agents available today. FYI, topical creams don't work for everyone. They can definitely lighten freckles, but they will also lighten all the skin around the freckles. Dermatologists

Brenda peels off her freckles!
See how we remove your blemishes
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  • We will gladly extend our 30 day guarantee if you need more time.
  • Do not use any freeze spray that does not contain an antibiotic
  • Because serious infections have been reported
  • We have developed a specially formulated freeze spray with an antibiotic
  • Have a question? Check our FAQ's or write John at
  • Will not leave a scar.
  • The product is applied to the surface of the skin with easy-to-follow instructions
  • 50 applications per kit and refill. Shelf life of 5 years. It's a great value
  • Smoothes out micro-scarring and raised scars. Removes some Birth Marks
  • We sell more kits through word of mouth advertising than any other way
  • Cancellation and Refund Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Read the latest testimonials
We will gladly extend our 30 day guarantee if you need more time.
We developed a specially formulated freeze spray with and antibiotic. Have questions? Check our FAQ's or write to John at freeofblemshes
NOT leave a scar. 50 applications per kit and refill. Shelf life of 5 years. We have
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Questions? Contact John

We continue our dedication to our customers by providing a superior product and individual service. No other product gives this level of personal service. Please feel free to contact John at

We have a fool proof procedure that guarantees success. You test on your hip first. Only when the test treatment heals and blends do you use the product on your face. If you are the 2% who has a rare skin type contact John.


Do not spray the product directly on your skin without a focus tube until you talk to John first. Do not treat more than one blemish for your test or first treatment.

Until now the only way to remove subsurface blemishes was to spend hundreds even thousands of dollars for laser, peels or liquid nitrogen treatments.

We have improved on a FDA approved medical procedure for removing blemishes doctors have used for over 20 years. See "How does it work."This product is guaranteed. Click here Guaranteed

Our full website
is rich in detailed content.

Our 8000 satisfied customers and our before and after pictures should convince anyone our product works exactly like we say it does when the directions are followed. If the directions are not  followed healing times are greatly increased.
If you buy a knife and cut yourself. Is it the fault of the knife or the person?

                        Complaint sites (please read)

How much weight should potential customers give to complaint sites? Why should a handful of people out weigh 7000 satisfied customers and influence potential customers? They shouldn't. Exactly who are those who complain? Did they actually buy the companies product? There is no way to know. They don't give their real names. There is no way to find out who they are, or help them. They hide behind the confidentially of the complaint site and they can say anything they want...fact or fiction. This is a great way for competitors to make you look bad. Complaint sites refuse to remove complaints. Then when companies do settle with the complainer, they NEVER go to the site and have their complaint removed. This leaves everyone who reads the complaint thinking the company never settled with the complainer. We have over 7000 satisfied customers. Look at the before and after pictures. These people followed the instructions and had no problem removing their blemishes.

We had one guy show a picture of multiple treatment. He didn't even buy the product from us. He purchased the product from Blemish Free. He swore he followed the instructions. But he did not. We tell all our customers to test the product on their hip first. One treatment. Let it heal then evaluate. This guy just sprayed the product on all his blemishes at one time. We tell our customers never to do this. Of course the treatments looked terrible. If you look at the small size of the focus tube and the very  large size of his treatments...its clear he never used a focus tube. He pretty much did everything wrong..and he still posted his picture and frightened everyone. One customer out of 7000. This was over three years ago. He has not posted a recent picture. Very dishonest.

Another guy tried to blackmail us. He also purchased his kit from Blemish Free not us. He said if we (Free of Blemishes) did not refund his money he would post negative pictures. He said the treatment left a dark area. We asked him how long did he treat his blemish. He said two seconds. Anyone who has every used our product knows a two second treatment would never remove a blemish or leave a mark. So we knew this guy was lying

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