Age Spots (also called Liver Spots) and Freckles are an accumulation of Melanin, brown in color, which the body generates to protect the skin from the sun.
Remove Age Spots, Freckles
and Dark Spots

Age Spots are also called Liver Spots or Sun Damaged skin, Freckles and Dark Spots are also in this group. They are all an accumulation of Melanin, brown in color, which the body generates to to protect the skin.

Don't waste your money on creams or liquids that give very poor results. See doctors quotes below

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No cream, liquid or acid will remove age spots!
If they worked Dermatologists would be using them...and they don't!
See doctors quotes below

This man has tanned his face to try and hide the Age Spots
Free-of-Blemishes is applied directly on the Age Spot and Freckles. Notice how small the treated areas are on the Freckles. With our focus tubes, you can treat blemishes which might lay very close to the eye. Our system treats only the blemish, and the surrounding tissue is not affected.
This man has tanned his face to try and hide the Age Spots and Freckles, but they are still visible on the temple, in the eyebrow, and under the eye.
Three days after treatment
Two weeks later we see the age spot has been removed on the temple but some remains in the eyebrow. A second treatment is required in the eyebrow.
Age Spots and Freckles have been removed.
Rec 3-10-11 "I treated a really bad age spot on my face last week and tonight the dead skin fell off - I was absolutely blown away when I saw the spot gone and nice, healthy pink skin underneath. I am truly, truly impressed. I've tried everything with little success and didn't really expect much from your product but was hoping for the best. I can't get over how well it worked. I will be telling all my friends about it so expect to get a lot more orders from PEI."   Nishka
Age Spots and Freckles have been removed
Two weeks later
This man continues to heal. Soon his treatments will blend with his skin.
The treated Age Spots are healing
This man has Age Spots all over his face.
Read this mans comments on our desk top site

"after purchasing your product the results are much more than I expected. Your product took away these unsightly objects from my face in a period of a month. Dermatologists here in Sweden use exactly the same method (Freeze Therapy) at a fraction of the cost. The results so far are fantastic and I will be using the product to take away further age spots and sun-related moles from my face. Rickard, Sweden"
Age spots removed
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Brenda peels off her Freckles
Age Spots (Dark Spots) on the back of hands.
See what the Mayo clinic Doctors say about creams and blemish removal.

1. Lawrence E. Gibson, M.D.
Topical mole removal creams often contain bloodroot, which is a form of acid that dissolves the mole and may require repeat applications. Care must be taken not to get the cream onto any healthy skin to avoid damage. Even with repeated applications, the mole may still remain. People in forums have reported mixed results using mole removal creams so your success maybe variable depending on the size of the mole. Lawrence E. Gibson, M.D., a dermatologist answering questions at Mayo clinic.com, doesn't feel creams are effective at all.


'Sometimes mole-removal creams work, but they often remove more than just the mole. These creams can leave pits in your skin where the mole used to be, or they can cause scarring that's more noticeable than the mole itself. They can also make your skin more susceptible to infection, and by removing a mole yourself, you could miss the early warning signs of cancer"


Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.
"I'm afraid there's no natural way to eliminate them (freckles, age spots) Over-the-counter whitening or "fading creams" don't work."


There are several over-the-counter and prescription skin bleaching agents available today. FYI, topical creams don't work for everyone. They can definitely lighten freckles, but they will also lighten all the skin around the freckles. Bleaching can also cause redness, drying, and peeling.


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Brenda peels off her Freckles
There are certain chemical substances called psoralens, present  in foods such as parsley, limes and parsnips that may cause Age Spots. When you handle these foods and then go out in the sun, your skin may be more sensitive and burn more easily where the psoralens touched it. When perfumes or lotions containing musk or bergamot oil are applied to sun-exposed areas, they can produce Age Spots.  Antibiotics such as tetracycline (Achromycin), some diuretics (water pills) and antipsychotic medicines such as chlorpromazine (Thorazine) will also cause your skin to produce age spots when it is not protected from the sun.

Over the years the treatment of choice for Age Spots and Freckles was cryotherapy which is also called
freeze therapy. With this technique liquid nitrogen (freezing) is sprayed very gently on the spots to induce a localized frostbite. After about a week the treated Age Spots peels off as the underlying skin pushes to the surface leaving a residual area of pinkness that might last for only a week but could linger longer. Our product treats the Age Spot and Freckles exactly the same way but is safer and easier to use.
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