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Age spotsn and freckles on man
Age spots and freckles treatment one day after
Age spots removed
This man tanned his face to hide his Age Spots and Freckles under his eye
After treatment of the Age Spot and Freckles.
This gentleman has tanned his face to conceal a large Age Spot and numerous freckles.
The treatment
Most of the Age Spot has been removed. A second treatment in the end of the eyebrow is required.
Age spots and freckles removed another view
Freckles removed
We challenge you!
Search on-line for ANY before and after pictures of Moles, Freckles or Age Spots that were removed by any cream or liquid or laser pen removal product. They don't exist! Why? Why do you think?

Removed Freckles and Age Spots.
Healing time..Two weeks

Another angle five days later. Notice the Age Spots and Freckles have been removed.
Another  picture
Age spots after healing
Age spots removed close up
Age spots treated
Age spots removed right side of face
Age spots right side of face close up
Age spots treated left side of face
Blemishes removed and healing
" The results so far are fantastic and I will be using the product to take away further age spots and sun-related moles from my face. They were an embarrassment to me and now they are gone. I highly recommend your product. It is a simple and effective way to remove these types of blemishes. After sending this e-mail I will be ordering a refill from you. all my best, Rickard, Sweden"
Moles on chest removed
Moles on chest treated
Thank you J. Long UK
Age spots healing
Age spots many small age spots
Age spots after treatment
Age spots more healing
Seeing is Believing
This man has many age spots. He reports six days after treatment he lifted the scabs off with tweezers. You can clearly see the age spots have been removed.
Blemishes removed and healing
Red blemish on nose
Thank you Madelyn
Mole on chest almost healed
Mole on chest
Mole on chest healing
No scaring
Anne's treated Mole
Two weeks after treatment
A few days later
Mole on breast falls off
Mole on breast after treatment
Mole on breast
Another treatment removed the Blemish
Four days later the mole fell off!
Here we see at common Mole
Hours after treatment.
Mole dark removed facial image
Mole dark healing
Mole dark on face
Ryan removes his dark freckle.
Moles removed
Moles treated
Mole (2) treated
Mole on back treated
The Mole fell off!
This woman did not take a before picture of her mole
Two weeks after treatment
Four weeks after treatment
Skin tag on eye lid
Skin tag removed from eye lid
This skin tag was removed in one week. With the focus tube you can treat only the skin tag and protect the surrounding area
Ryan removes a dark mole
Wart healing
Wart treated
This common wart was removed in two weeks
Here the Wart is removed
Skin Tag removed from eyelid
Cherry angiomas removed
Cherry angiomas
Dark Moles removed
The man has tanned his body. It's the same man. Wart and Cherry Angioma are gone.
Here are several cherry Angioma (1/16-1/8 inch,) and a wart in the nipple.
Here they are after the treatment. Notice that the treated area is very small. We'll post the after photo when we receive it.
Skin tag healing
Cherry angioma
Here is cherry Angioma ten days after treament. Another treatment completely removed it!
Here is one cherry Angioma (1/16-1/8 inch)
Freckles grouped treated
Freckles peeled off
Freckles removed
Take one minute to watch an Age Spot removal and results
Age spots removed from hands
Age spots on back of hands
Blemishes removed.
Age Spots on the back of hands.
Age spot removed another view
Age spot on right temple
Age spot removed
Take one minute to watch an Age Spot removal and results
A Wart removed
Here you see the Age Spot ten days after treatment.
Three weeks after treatment.
A large age spot
Age spots on face treated
Age spots on face removed
Mole under chin healing
Mole under chin
We challenge you!
Search on-line for ANY before and after pictures of Moles, Freckle or Age Spots that were removed by any cream or liquid or laser pen removal product. They don't exist! Why? Why do you think?

Mole under chin almost healed
As you can see by the pic, I have, or rather, had, a lot of age spots on my face, and I"m only 58. Well, I am so pleased that a freeze spray is helping to get rid of these.
I also attached a before and after pic of one spot that had been under my chin for years and years. It is gone and healed.
I had some very large quarter size heavy spots on my torso that are gone. They just need to heal more and then I'll send pics of them before and after." Dan

Brenda removes many freckles at one time
Sean's treatments have not fully healed after ten days.
November 15, 2017
Mole treated
Mole partially removed
Mole removed
In this photo you see the Mole has been removed.
While the Mole has been faded, it requires another treatment.
Here we have a common dark Mole.
Here is the same Mole after treatment.
Note: Notice that after treatment you can still see the two freckles are faintly visible. Sean did not leave the product on the freckles quite long enough to completely remove them. Another treatment is required.
The removal of this mole took two treatments.
Sean only treated the two freckles on his nose.
Latest pictures Nov 15 2017 Thank you Mr. Sean
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